Born Again


Today, I’m born again; it’s almost as if Jesus came to me through the acupuncture needle. A gentle touch can sometimes have a powerful knockout effect but, as the hours progress, a sense of wholeness may be restored. Don’t get me wrong, my energy reserves are still very low but, at least I’m able to relax.


Too frequently, idleness can be mistaken for relaxation but, I can assure any doubters that enforced idleness is more likely to prove a source of tension, rather than relaxation. Faith, similarly, is not something that replaces effort; faith necessitates action.


 A course of acupuncture isn’t necessarily a once and for all cure, just as repentance (being born again) is not a once for all time phenomenon. It is necessary to remain vigilant, watch out for the signs that we’re slipping and acknowledge our weakness, an essential prerequisite to each day’s new start. If we don’t recognize that we are sick, we also fail to see the need for a cure!


Even now, I’m not totally convinced of the needles efficacy, a remarkable parallel to my faltering faith journey.


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