When Will They Ever Learn

Some ten months ago, 19 January 2005 to be precise, Heterocon posted the following two items:  ‘The Tale of the Incompetent Bankers’ and ‘More from The Bank of Errors’. The Halifax having “resolved (?)” this issue, at that time, my beloved and I misguidedly thought that the matter had been laid to rest.


On noticing that more had gone out of the account last month, than she had anticipated, my beloved checked out the most recent statement. The standing order which was at the root of the earlier problems, (please bear in mind that it is a single annual payment), has been paid out three times on the same day. So much for a problem resolved.


Shortly after this error was discovered, the telephone rang;  an unsolicited call from the self-same bank, to pester my wife about a financial review, proved the villain. Methinks any such review, if we had need of such, would be far better performed by amateurs. As we are on a rather limited income and, any savings are invested in ISA’s with the same institution, neither of us believe in playing the stock-market nor can we cope with too much faffing about, what possible use could such a review be?


Unsolicited ‘phone calls are, for me, a source of great stress. If I require a service I’ll ask for it and, the persistence of such callers simply arouse the desire (if it wasn’t such an effort) to discontinue any dealings with the offending institution. Surprisingly, I remained polite in my response! Perhaps the combination of acupuncture, nicotine patches and it being one of my “better” days moved together for the greater good. Perhaps we are entering a new age of miracles.



PS (5.30PM):  The new age of miracles has not yet arrived and, I suspect that our beloved financial institutions can only be redeemed by a laying on of hands* (to exorcise the spirit of incompetence)! My wife, having just returned from the Halifax, now has to contact In-Home Legal Services (to whom the triple payment was made by the bank) to obtain a refund. The lady she saw at the Halifax today said that the person who ‘resolved’ the problem back in January hadn’t done it right! Talk about stating th b****y obvious!


*and I don’t mean  around the throat! ( for the time being only)

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