Complimenting the ingredients

Prepared a superb meal this evening; a Chillied Ginger Salmon pasta dish that even exceeded my usual high expectations. It was a dish that melted and tantalized immediately it hit the palate but, even earlier, the aromas emanating from the preheated herbs and spices were an inducement to success. I am pleased to report that ma belle amoureuse also enjoyed the dish.


These wonderful chance events, when the ingredients seem to blend and do the work themselves, are something to be cherished. Of course, the master chef still likes to take full credit!


[Ingredients: Fresh Salmon, Onion, Green & Red Peppers, Mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, crushed Garlic, chilli; paprika, powdered ginger, turmeric, coriander and garlic; blended olive and vegetable oil and a sprinkling of light soy sauce. Served with wholemeal Penne pasta.]

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