Needle Match

Fought off the tiredness, that I’d felt earlier in the day, as I awaited a visit from the physiotherapist who was coming to administer a little acupuncture. Tiredness is part of my general condition – only slightly exacerbated by the presence of workmen in our bathroom, for the past week and a bit, carrying out their transformative efforts.


Today’s treatment was more intensive than the previous session and, I had to struggle to restore myself from reclining to sitting posture. I was relieved to have prepared our main meal (Salmon, with peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes served with jacket potatoes) at lunch-time as Helen, the physio, warned that it wouldn’t be wise to stand and cook. The advice proved totally unnecessary as my attempts to meander between rooms produced an effect resembling a zombie on opium.


“Zonked out” almost seems like an understatement but, the strangest immediate response to the treatment was a warmth in my hands, which was in marked contrast to their earlier frostiness.


The treatment seemed especially timely as, for the past couple of days, my usual batch of muscular and joint aches had been accompanied by an aching stiffness on either side of the back of my neck. The physio quickly noted a ‘tenderness’ there as she felt for the appropriate insertion points for the needles.


As I relaxed, needles in shins, neck and hands, the Puccini arias on the radio matched my visualization of a tide ebbing and flowing over a shingle beach. At times, I could have sworn that my circulatory system was following a similar pattern of ebb and flow. The visualization was not a conscious decision/effort, presumably it reflected my degree of relaxation.


There is something quite mysterious about acupuncture and, I retain an open mind as to it’s efficacy.  

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