Lazy Sunday Afternoon

dinner was just as wonderful as we anticipated but, it did seem strange
not having our friend (cum surrogate son) Graham chez nous. He has been
much in our thoughts on this his first weekend in a strange environment.
Emerged from the
duvet’s lair some twelve and a half hours after first settling down,
long after Helen had gone off to chapel but, at the moment I can
take all the rest required and yet, somehow, still feel tired. Anyway,
the sun managed to break through for a wee while this afternoon so I
got out for a brief (10 minutes approx) brisk walk around the block.
My beloved drove us
down to the aquarium centre, whilst the sun still shone, to get a
few bunches of plants for our receptacle; the minnows seem so much
happier with plenty of foliage to ‘hang’ in and dart from. The snails,
which perform the task of algae cleaning from the aquariums backcloth,
seem to have an immense appetite for aquatic plants. Tried to clear a
few out, together with the rotting remnants of older foliage.
Just going to watch ‘Songs of Praise’, this week featuring the delightful Katherine Jenkins but, I may be back.
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