Attending to some fishy business


After all the rain of the past few days, drastic action was called for to restore a ‘normal’ level to the garden pond. I was quite perturbed to find the water level had overtopped the fibreglass shell and so was aligned with the mortar holding the paving in place. Mortar and correct Ph are not the best of bedfellows. My beloved and yours truly, each armed with a bucket, set about scooping the excess fluid onto an already waterlogged area of the garden. So, that’s the goldfish residence sorted out!


On return to the house, the realization dawned that it was time to change at least one-third of the aquarium water … even the White Cloud Mountain Minnows require a bit of TLC … so, once again buckets to the fore (one for siphoning the stale water into, the other for the ‘aquasafe’ treated replacement H2O!). It’s strange how one thing leads to another so, next (much simpler) task is to replace the carbon filter.


And now, halo freshly polished, I sit back to bask in the glow of a job well done. Isn’t it odd, how items intended to aid relaxation (namely aquarium and garden pond) can be the prompt for exertion?

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