Time To Make Amends

An absolutely riveting play, "Twelve Chairs", on Radio 4 this afternoon. Although I was tired when the play began, the price I pay for a relatively early morning awaking, I found myself hanging on to every word.
The action all took place through the talks given by a recovering alcoholic, Kate, at several AA meetings. The whole production had such a ring of truth, I couldn’t help thinking about our friend Brian, currently serving a prison term (not his first) for alcohol related violence. As Kate recalled a meeting with another alcoholic, who hadn’t had a drink for four weeks, there was for me a sense of deja-vu, as she spoke of how the world was ‘shiny’ rather than being seen through a fog; how similar the words were to those Brian had spoken on one of the first occasions I met him.
If only people could understand what a terrible disease alcoholism is, then perhaps there would be more caring acceptance for those who suffer with it. Having recalled this I feel a slight twinge of guilt as it’s quite a few months since I wrote to Brian. Time to make amends.
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