It’s Getting To Be A Habit With Me

Up early once again and, sans shower, headed off to see my GP in the company of ma belle chauffeuse. The main purpose was to regularize my prescription for PPI’s (lansoprazole) and, to get a corticosteroid nasal spray. Whilst at the health centre, we arranged an appointment with the practice nurse, at my instigation, for tomorrow afternoon … advice and help for quitting (or at least reducing) smoking. Perhaps nicotine patches will assist a gradual withdrawal and overcome the *ill-effects* of the last cold-turkey treatment.
Having made an earlier start to the day, I did not fall asleep mid-morning (as per yesterday) despite excessive tiredness; sleep was postponed until 2.45pm. Tomorrow sees yet another need for early awakening, as Helen A (physio) is coming around at 9.00am to administer another session of acupuncture.
Oh what an active social life I lead!
* ill effects of quitting the nicotine habit (cold-turkey)included, a dramatic increase of tetchiness, a more than ten-fold increase in the ferocity of my native ill-temper, a weight increase of forty+ pounds within five months, uncomfortably swollen wrists, fingers and (especially) ankles. Returning to the habit also increased my consumption of the little white sticks of delight but, once more I fail to enjoy more than the odd one.
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2 Responses to It’s Getting To Be A Habit With Me

  1. Jackson says:

    Hi. So I\’ve just came across your site, and it\’s nice to see a fellow human who knows something about drugs. Quitting smoking\’s a bitch, I\’ve known 8 people now who have quit. But good luck with it! So what\’s the lansoprazole for? Pain killer side effects or something natural?

  2. Jackson says:

    Also are you still on mirtazapine? Add me, jack– You know you wanna ;).

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