Dress Rehearsal

Awoke early after a restless half-awake night but, felt surprisingly alert, so much so that I ventured into the shower shortly before 9.00am. Much to my surprise, even after the exertions of showering I still felt reasonably awake! Shortly after 10.30am, everything began to swim and float around my heavy but wooly feeling head.
At this point decided to rest back on the bed for a few minutes and, the next I knew it was 12.15pm. Since that time I’ve been unable to recover the earlier (false) sense of alertness.
Hopefully the early arising will stand me in good stead, a sort of dress rehearsal for my doctor’s apppointment tomorrow morning and, the early morning (9.00am) acupuncture session, chez moi, on Wednesday.
I still bask in the afterglow of yesterday’s better day.
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