Music hath charms … to revitalize


sHAttErED … that seems to be have been the theme of today. A night disturbed by reflux and other discomforts, followed by a lie-in until after 10.ooam and, …. Nothing. A total lack of concentration, energy and, whatever else is needed to function much at all. I did just manage to prepare a Tuna pasta for my beloved and myself … so that’s one achievement to mark up.


Generally felt ill at ease with the day; switch on the computer look at the screen, half-an-hour later switch it off having done nothing. Basically, a sense of emptiness but, I didn’t feel as if I was depressed … Just de-energized. Oh concentration, where art thou!


Late afternoon, decided to transfer a VHS recording of ‘Hail! Hail! Rock ‘n’ Roll’,(recorded from ‘The Studio’ a few years back), to DVD. ‘Tis amazing, the recuperative powers of good-time music!

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