The Return of Abstainer’s Hangover

This morning, my emergence from duvet-dom occurred within nine hours of immersion therein. Despite frequent perspirational awakenings, and general restlessness, still felt fresh enough to prepare myself a bacon, eggs and black-pudding breakfast. Strangely, I couldn’t face the prospect of my usual cereal …. think the palate’s a bit off colour.
My early alertness was soon to be overwhelmed by a shivery & swimmy tiredness, which unfortunately drew me away from the vintage radio comedy, that I’d been enjoying, on BBC7. Perhaps the wallow in nostalgia proved too relaxing, but then, a general giddiness is not a normal benefit of relaxation. A post-sleep spell of sneezing, and disgustingly grating throat clearing , is now behind me and, I face the new grey day through bleary eyes. I’m not quite sure whether these optical instruments are sunken or popping out; the certainty is … I am all too aware of the dull grey day’s glare!
The only thing missing from this wretched "hungover" state is any preceding alcohol consumption!
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One Response to The Return of Abstainer’s Hangover

  1. noel says:

    nice spaces…food for thought

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