The Power of Two

It has sometimes been questioned why I should run two blogs, especially when there is no uniquely distinguishing characteristic between them. In fact, it’s a darned good question and, perhaps my answer will also prove satisfactory. As a result of my problems with concentration, physical and emotional stamina, over the past couple of years, I sometimes find myself in need of a ‘prompt’ to stimulate any action.


As my concentration span proves somewhat defective, it is quite easy to forget what events etc. I wished to record! Should there be ‘downtime’ on either of the sites, I still have the possibility of striking before the iron has cooled.


Should there be occasion when I require an argument, at least I can ensure an equally well-matched partner (i.e. myself) who will show a degree of understanding that few others could match.


Having at least two blog identities ensures double the prompt to output something each day!

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