Caiman – came and went!

Further to my item, "the trials and tribulations of alien systems", I received an acknowledgement from, approximately five hours after I contacted them, stating that the item had been despatched and, quoting 4-14 days delivery. As the estimated delivery, to the UK quoted by Amazon is 4-6 weeks, and possibly 8 weeks (customs problems etc.), I felt it safe to assume it was being despatched to the address stateside. Not an unreasonable assumption!
This morning I received a further e-mail from Caiman saying that they were unable to change the shipping address, requested on the morning of 5 October, as the item had already been despatched. So, this reply takes at least thirty-six hours whereas I had contacted them within minutes of recognizing the mistake on the order. So much for instant communication systems.
This is the last time I will be attempting any transaction, for any reason, with this company.
At least Amazon did try to be helpful.
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