A day of sleeping and eating

This morning proved a case of early awaking and, later arising. Got out of bed, and into my warm dressing gown, before 7.00am, did a little work on my PC and, returned to bed within 30 minutes. The real emergence, into day, then occurred at around 10.00am and one hour later felt alert enough to prepare myself a full English breakfast (once more treating myself to some black pudding).
By mid-afternoon, I fell asleep once more, slightly disinherited from my aching body. The only relief, from the tiredness, came as I prepared/invented tomorrow’s lunch which I have duly christened ‘Moussatouille Hotpot’. Essentially it’s an unorthodox combination of Moussaka, Ratatouille and Hotpot with some subtle little extras. If it tastes as good as the cooking aromas suggest, we should be well satisfied.
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One Response to A day of sleeping and eating

  1. Mark says:

    Ah, black pudding! Mmm. That\’s something I\’m missing out here in North Carolina, along with a nice cup of tea, toast and marmite, real ale. But there are compensations, e.g. gorgeous weather in early October and strange American foods like beef jerky. Cheers, Mark

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