Just call me Mr Concentration

As Helen had ruthlessly trimmed (out of necessity) our large Rosemary bush, today I’ve been finding a few tender shoots to treat with rooting hormone and place into a plant pot for, hopeful, re-planting in the "wild" area of the garden. Even a root, of the Rosemary, that had found it’s way into the path has now been re-potted for later transfer!
Apart from that, it has been a day of tiredness and, just above zero concentration. Sorry, I was forgetting that I had to re-polish my halo after knocking together a splendid tuna pasta at lunchtime.
The upgrade of our broadband connection, from 300kb to 1Mb, has brought a noticeable improvement to some aspects of the browsing experience, especially the AntiVir updates which always seem to be in the region of 4Mb … perhaps one of these days they’ll realize that it is possible simply to "top-up" rather than replacing the total definitions file. I think they are working on this!
Tea time approaches and, I’m getting hungry, looking forward to some bacon and blackpudding … (a rare treat these days, ever since concern was expressed about my cholestorol levels). I’ve just remembered that I forgot to have my breakfast this morning, an excellent example of my powers of concentration!
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