Boys and their toys

 Quite a bit of rain fell during the night so, guess I won’t be having the pleasure of mowing the lawn today! (Enter sigh of relief). Have just popped yesterdays Turkey breast preparation in the oven, whilst my beloved, on return from chapel prepared some vegetables to accompany my (hopefully) wonderful concoction.
Sorry to report that I, once again, had a slow and leisurely start to the day even though my emergence was slightly earlier than yesterday. Just been enjoying playing around with the new Flash Drive, transferring Adress books etc. to the laptop and, transferring a new DVD cover design ready for printing. In theory there shouldn’t be a need for this  latter transfer but, unfortunately my home network doesn’t always function as it should. In any case, us boys, whether young or old, really enjoy our toys!
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One Response to Boys and their toys

  1. dove says:

    hi,I\’m a chinese girl who come here by chance.My teacher let me translatesome papers,I find some sentences quite difficult ,and then surf the net and find here,:)best,快乐!

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