Something Fishy Going On

I am somewhat perturbed by the degree of aggression the larger of the White Cloud Minnows displays towards it’s puny companion. One can’t help wondering if it’s tactics don’t veer towards an intended ‘mercy-killing’. Certainly, the thought has crossed my mind that ‘bully boy’ may have been responsible for the early demise of many of the original aquarium inhabitants.
Would solitary confinement be a solution or, could that cause even more grave psychological difficulties? I’d always thought of them as sociable creatures but, nature does tend to throw up freaks (and some of these become career politicians)!
Meanwhile, the multiple varieties of goldfish in the garden pond demonstrate a high degree of sociability. Where the pond fish are always (in the warmer season) ready for feeding, the minnows are unpredictable in their response to food. perhaps even the miniscule amount of feed presented is still too overwhelming for their tiny frames.
Violence in the aquarium is something I’d not anticipated, perhaps they’ve watched too much television!
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